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[Press Release] Blaitek and ZAYA Achieve PSA Level 1 Certification on Single-Core RISC-V Chipset

ZAYA, a leading IoT Security company and a Strategic member of RISC-V International and Blaitek Limited, a leading RISC-V powered WiFi/BT/BLE/Zigbee Module Provider, announce one of the Industry-First PSA Level 1 Certifications on the single-core RISC-V-powered BL 8 Chipset series using ZAYA RISC-V Security Monitor/Secure-OS and ZAYA Secure Microcontainers.

ZAYA Secure OS is a secure Operating System designed according to IoT security certifications and regulations. ZAYA OS creates an isolated and protected space in the running environment that handles all essential security mechanisms as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). ZAYA Secure OS is a PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Functional API Certified Operating System. It provides all security mechanisms to meet PSA Certified requirements and exposes these security functionalities using the PSA Functional API, including Cryptography, Secure Storage and Attestation Services.

Moreover, ZAYA Secure OS provides containerization technology even for MMU-less microcontrollers, called ZAYA μContainers. ZAYA μContainers run on the top of the isolated ZAYA Secure OS/RISC-V TEE with dedicated access rights to run user applications, microservices or untrusted third-party libraries as isolated environments. ZAYA μContainers are independent executables that can be developed, installed and upgraded independently in the field, which makes ZAYA μContainers deployment (such as OTA) friendly; this approach also offers cost-effective modular IoT Security Assessments for IoT Vendors.

BL 8-Series product family is a series of products made for AIoT. BL808 is a highly integrated Chipset with WiFi/BT/BLE/Zigbee, Multi-Core CPUs, Audio Codec, ISP, Video Codec, and AI hardware accelerator, both for high-performance and low-power applications. BL808 is a highly secure chipset with built-in HW Security Mechanisms such as secure boot, hardware cryptographic accelerators, device-security lifecycle, secure debug and secure storage to keep sensitive credentials securely. ZAYA RISC-Vá Security Monitor/TEE fulfils all PSA and SESIP Certification requirements, such as Isolation, Secure Updates with Anti-Rollback protection. It offers a secure and certified development environment for critical IoT Applications such as AIoT, connected devices, automotive etc.

BL808 is the first product in this family and was born for IoT security applications. "Blaitek is glad to cooperate with ZAYA Secure OS to realize the PSA framework under the RISC-V CPU core. ZAYA's Microcontainer technology provides more flexibility to BL808 and its applications", said YK Lien, General Manager of Blaitek Limited. “The successful joint effort between ZAYA and Blaitek is a significant milestone for the AIoT security ecosystem. It is also the best solution that offers a balance between performance and security. These rich security solutions enhance the security for IoT and connected devices under the RISC-V ecosystem.

"This PSA Level 1 Certification is a key milestone in RISC-V Security, and we are glad to be part of this certification," said Murat CAKMAK, CEO and Founder of ZAYA. "This certification brings standardised and proven security into the RISC-V ecosystem. PSA Certified Single-Core BL808 and ZAYA integration offers a leading cost-effective, ultra-secure, certified development environment."

Security is a critical driver for adoption in RISC-V, and the work that Blaitek and ZAYA have done to achieve PSA certification is a testament to this”, said Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International.

The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is a set of guidelines and best practices for designing secure IoT devices. The PSA Level 1 security assessment was delivered by UL Solutions. This is one of the first PSA Certifications for a RISC-V Core, and UL Solutions is one of the first laboratories that has certified a RISC-V core. As a leading provider of safety science and compliance solutions, including services and certifications related to the IoT, UL Solutions delivers a range of services that complement and build upon the PSA framework, helping to demonstrate that IoT devices and systems are designed, tested, and deployed securely and in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.


About ZAYA ZAYA is the leading IoT Security Company based in Cambridge, UK, that develops innovative solutions to solve IoT design challenges and limitations. ZAYA provides secure development environments from bottom to top, including Secure Operating Systems, secure middleware, cloud management, and advanced data processing such as AI/ML services. For more information, please visit | Follow ZAYA on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Blaitek Limited BLAITEK is the leading provider of smart, connected and secure solutions. We provide the best cost-effective solutions, AIOT applications and customizable services for specific requirements. Key technologies including AI/ML, video/audio, wireless, low-power microcontrollers, and customizable services. Our vision is smart the home for you.

For more information, please visit: AIoT | 博磊智能 BLAITEK | Taiwan

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