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[Press Release] ZAYA And Andes Technology Offer Certifiable TEE Security For RISC-V Based Systems

ZAYA, a leading IoT Security company and a Strategic member of RISC-V International and Andes Technology (TWSE: 6533; SIN: US03420C2089; ISIN: US03420C1099), a leading RISC-V CPU IP vendor and a Founding and Premier member of RISC-V International, announce the successful integration of ZAYA Secure OS and ZAYA MicroContainers(μContainers) with AndesCore™ RISC-V processors to offer certifiable TEE security. ZAYA’s solutions will become a part of the AndeSentry™ security framework from Andes Technology, providing a rich set of security solutions for the RISC-V ecosystem.

ZAYA Secure OS is a secure Operating System designed according to the IoT security certification requirements. ZAYA OS creates an isolated space on the running environment that handles all essential security mechanisms, as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). ZAYA Secure OS is a PSA Certified Level 1 and PSA Functional API Certified Operating System. It meets PSA Certified Security 10 Goals and provides essential security functionality using the PSA Functional API including Cryptography, Secure Storage and Attestation Services.

ZAYA Secure OS provides containerization technology even for MMU-less microcontrollers, called ZAYA μContainers. ZAYA μContainers run on top of the isolated ZAYA Secure OS/TEE with limited and dedicated access rights to run user applications, microservices or untrusted third-party libraries as isolated environments. ZAYA μContainers are independent executables that can be developed, installed and upgraded independently in the field that makes ZAYA μContainers deployment (such as OTA) friendly; this approach also offers cost-effective modular IoT Security Assessments for IoT Vendors.

AndeSentry™ security framework enables open collaboration and brings out a variety of security solutions to RISC-V processors from cyber-attacks to physical attacks. Here are two examples. To secure the booting for a system, AndeSentry™ Secure Boot provides an optimized library of digital signature algorithm with tiny memory footprint and optimized boot time for AndesCore™. To protect against the vulnerability of JTAG debug port, AndeSentry™ Secure Debug extends debug architecture for AndesCore™ by locking the JTAG signals between the debug interface of an external debugger and AndesCore™ JTAG Debug Transport Module.

To guarantee confidentiality and integrity of code and data during the runtime, AndeSentry™ Monitor incorporates ZAYA Secure OS and μContainer solution. It provides secure development environment compliant to IoT Security Certifications. When integrated with AndesCore™ under AndeSentry™ Monitor, ZAYA’s solution fulfills all PSA and SESIP Certification requirements such as Isolation (PSA Type 3, The Highest Level), Secure Update with Anti-Rollback, Secure Boot, and Secure Lifecycle. The solution is ideal for the growing devices demanding security such as AIoT devices, connected devices, and automotive devices, etc.

“With AndeSentry™ framework, chipmakers could realize secure devices based on AndesCore™. We are glad to have ZAYA Secure OS and μContainers under AndeSentry™ Monitor,” said Dr. Charlie Su, President and CTO of Andes Technology. “The successful joint effort between Zaya and Andes Technology is a significant milestone for the RISC-V security ecosystem. It brings rich security solutions to help speed up the development of secure devices.”

"Collaboration is the success key in IoT Security, we are glad to support Andes Solutions and be a part of AndeSentry™ Framework," said Murat CAKMAK, CEO and Founder of ZAYA. "The partnership between Andes and ZAYA offers a leading cost-effective, ultra-secure and Certification Ready development environment for RISC-V based systems."

About ZAYA ZAYA is the leading IoT Security Company based in Cambridge, the UK that develops innovative solutions to solve IoT design challenges and limitations. ZAYA provides secure development environments from bottom to top, including Secure Operating Systems, secure middleware, cloud management, and advanced data processing such as AI/ML services. For more information, please visit: | Follow ZAYA on Twitter, LinkedIn.

About Andes Technology Seventeen years in business and a Founding Premier member of RISC-V International, Andes (TWSE: 6533; SIN: US03420C2089; ISIN: US03420C1099), is a leading supplier of high-performance/low-power 32/64-bit embedded processor IP solutions, and the driving force in taking RISC-V mainstream. Andes’ fifth-generation AndeStar™ architecture adopted the RISC-V as the base. Its V5 RISC-V CPU families range from tiny 32-bit cores to advanced 64-bit cores with DSP, FPU, Vector, Linux, superscalar, and/or multicore capabilities. The annual volume of Andes-Embedded SoCs has exceeded 3 billion since 2021 and continues to rise. The cumulative volume of Andes-Embedded™ SoCs has reached 10 billion by the end of 2021. For more information, please visit Follow Andes Technology on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

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