ZAYA Secure Kernel

ZAYA Secure Kernel is an Arm PSA Certified Level 1 innovative and rich operating system for IoT devices which has a security dimension in resource management; The Modular ZAYA Secure Kernel design isolates sensitive and non-sensitive operations in design-time and run-time to reduces the attack surface for threats.


ZAYA supports multiple user applications and offers process isolation to protects the whole system from the malfunctioned applications. User applications are verified using strong authentication methods, and each user application can have different levels of access rights.


ZAYA is a PSA Functional API Certified Secure Kernel for various secure and non-secure Arm hardware architectures such as TrustZone for Armv8-m and Armv7-m. 


We are excited to announce the ZAYA PSA demonstrations on public development environments/boards using ZAYA "Base" version. (For Full-Featured Version, please contact ZAYA

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