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What Makes ZAYA Different?

 ZAYA is the only operating system that has been designed for security from scratch, utilising both Functional Security and Data Transaction Security.


ZAYA is the most secure OS available for IoT Endpoint; it provides the foundation that makes all apps that sit above it secure.


Using ZAYA as the OS for your devices secures both new products and your legacy products.

ZAYA has a small footprint and works well on small devices.

ZAYA provides certification-ready Functional Security even on existing ARM architectures like Armv7-M (e.g. CortexM3). 

ZAYA is supporting the Arm's Platform Security Architecture(PSA).

​​ ZAYA provides an identical API to higher-level software whether the protections it provides are in software or supported by TrustZone hardware. This facilitates easy migration between older and newer processors.

Extend and customise for specific requirements with ZAYA Extensions.

Certification-ready. PCI PTS (used for payment systems) is the only Functional Security certification in the market. Functional Secure ZAYA is ready for PCI PTS.

✓ Effective Delta certification for your products – if you make a change to a product after certification, simply recertify that part, not the whole product.

Be ahead of your competitors, who may lose serious market share if they leave their products and customers at risk.


Find out how ZAYA can secure your products, contact

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