Certification and Functional Security for Connected Devices

In the age of the Internet of Things, more and more devices are getting connected; and security is the most critical requirement for connected devices. We have cryptography stacks and algorithms to protect data transaction between devices but is it enough to secure the whole ecosystem? In one honest word: no. Security is more than encryption, and therefore each layer from Hardware to Cloud needs to be studied carefully. Herein, we could mention lots of layers in security, but we can basically divide "Security" into two distinct areas: Data Transaction Security and Functional Security. All we are familiar with Data Transaction Security: encryption, transport and decryption. However, Functiona

ZAYA 'The Secure OS' is supporting Arm’s Platform Security Architecture (PSA)

Arm released a statement in October 2017 that told of its vision of a trillion connected devices by 2035 and said, “it’s only appropriate we talk about what’s being done to secure those trillion devices … security cannot be an afterthought”. Arm took this moment to announce the introduction of the first common industry framework for building secure connected devices, called Platform Security Architecture (PSA): “The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is a holistic set of threat models, security analyses, hardware and firmware architecture specifications.” Today, we are excited to announce that ZAYA offers a secure operating system that adheres to PSA Principles. ZAYA is a secure operating

ZAYA: the ultimate secure embedded OS

The game-changing secure operating system for Internet of Things devices is ready. How secure are the products you manufacture? From cameras and speakers, to smart meters and tracking systems, just about every device is becoming connected. IHS Markit predicts Internet of Things (IoT) devices will jump 12 percent on average annually worldwide: from nearly 27 billion in 2017 to 125 billion in 2030 (it’s already nearly doubled in two years, from 15.4 billion in 2015). Media coverage is growing on the security risk of these devices and customers will soon be demanding to know their products are safe. Up until now, the security of Internet of Things devices has only been focused on Data Transacti



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